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Letters to the Editor

Wasting Brain Cells

NOT TO promote another newspaper, but there was a front-page story in the Sept. 13 Sentinel which so aptly portrays the marijuana merry-go-round. Ice cream dude laced with doobie—what an utterly mischievous enterprise in the "crème de canna." I know I, for one, will be raptly watching to see whether the city allows the place to stay open.

There are two ways to waste your brain cells in Santa Cruz: (1) Follow what the city is going to do about the homeless; and (2) follow the latest meaningless blather about legalization of pot. It is legal; no, it's not legal. Well, my purse is made out of hemp; gee, they had a big pot smoke-in at UCSC. Doesn't that just educate and enhance your life.

Thirty years ago the story on marijuana ice cream would have maybe raised eyebrows. Today the only eyebrows raised are that silly-looking dispenser. Brother, but that expression of his says it all—pot is still kind of illegal, so aren't I the daring rascal to have ice cream which makes you high?

People who use pot will continue to use pot and all the volumes of press don't amount to a puff of smoke in a windstorm. People aren't sitting with their hands in a prayer gesticulation waiting for Big Brother to give the nod. Marijuana has its benefits, but there are negative effects. One such: if using it makes you look like that person in the Sentinel, quit immediately.

Theodore F. Meyer,

Santa Cruz

From The Web

Comments submitted at in response to 'Flock v. Priest' (Currents, Sept. 15).

FATHER JOEL could perhaps be more politically adept, but he is really the focus of a dichotomy inside Calvary.

On one side there are those who see Calvary as a club where they may associate with friends of a certain class and listen to tasteful Anglican music in a tasteful antique church

On the other side there are those who feel that Christianity that takes no risks is no Christianity at all.

The club crowd dominated since the late '90s, but Father Joel brought his weight to the other group. He upset the old balance. Hence, the squawking. Outraged privilege always heads for the lawyers.

Bob Dobbs

I HAVE KNOWN Father Joel since he came here. I find him to be compassionate, with humility, and one I can turn to.

I've seen him bring people together that were separated, and the camaraderie is amplified in the Coffee Hour.

Charlie Phillips

WHO IS PAYING you people? He was a train-wreck on that church from day one. Look at what happened to the membership and pledges [sic] to get a better picture of his impact before you continue helping that man.

one who wishes it were different

THUS SAYS the only person here so far who hasn't even bothered to give a first name.

I've been a parishioner at Calvary for 11 years. I'm at the 10:30 service approximately 50 weeks out of the year. My husband, as a lay Eucharistic minister, is one of the people who is responsible for keeping track of the number of people in the pews. And I can tell you that our average Sunday attendance is up since Fr. Joel came to us.

If you're going to sling accusations, at least be man (or woman) enough to own them by signing your name.

Audrey Nickel

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