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January-March 2007

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Metroactive's Cinequest 2007 Guide

Cinequest's Midnight Clear screening with star Stephen Baldwin and director Dallas Jenkins

Dallas Jenkins and Stephen Baldwin

Jenkins (left) and Baldwin. (Photographs by Felipe Buitrago)

Stephen Baldwin

Baldwin's co-stars in 'Midnight Clear' include K Callan of 'Lois and Clark,' '80s 'SNL' cast member Victoria Jackson and Richard Riehle of 'Office Space.'

Cinequest 2007 Feature-length highlights
Richard von Busack lists some of the most noteworthy selections from the feature category. Also: Cinequest announces the 2007 Maverick Spirit Award recipients.

'The Ghost Mountain Experiment' 'The Ghost Mountain Experiment'
A stunningly photographed documentary about a family going back to the land in the 1930s in a remote part of the Anza-Borrego Desert.

'Making It Right' 'Making It Right'
The latest work from South Bay documentarian Bob Gliner debuts at Cinequest.

'Batad' Capsule reviews
'Batad,' 'Blood Car,' 'Dimension,' 'Full Grown Men' and more.

'Shorts Program 6: Mindbenders' More capsule reviews
'Holes in My Shoes,' 'I Fought the Law,' 'Who Loves the Sun,' the Shorts Programs and more.

'Venom' Short films
Who likes shorts? Suddenly, everybody likes shorts. Let Cinequest show you the best.

Christine Vachon Christine Vachon
From Bettie Page to Hedwig, the indie film producer works well out of the mainstream.

Mira Nair Mira Nair
The director of 'Salaam Bombay!' and 'Monsoon Wedding' opens Cinequest with 'The Namesake,' a story of Indian-American identity.

Silent film music Silent film music
Understanding this almost-lost art with organists Chris Elliott and Dennis James.

Stewart Copeland Week 1 insider's guide
A day-to-day rundown of the festival's Week 1 highlights.

Minnie Driver Schedule
Listings of the festival's screenings and special events.

M Dot Strange M Dot Strange
The San Jose filmmaker spent three years alone in his apartment making 'We Are the Strange'—is this the future of cinema?

'Blood Car' guys Week 2 insider's guide
A day-to-day rundown of the festival's Week 2 highlights.

'Sangre' The final batch of capsule reviews
'Sangre,' 'We Are the Strange' and more.

Louise Brooks Louise Brooks
Cinequest looks back at one of silent cinema's sexiest sirens.

'Blood Car' 'Blood Car'
Somebody bust this movie out of the festival circuit; it's got 'cult hit' written all over it.

J.J. Abrams J.J. Abrams
A recap of the 'Lost' co-creator's Cinequest appearance.

Jaman Day of Distribution
A recap of the Day of Distribution panel discussions, which weren't quite as sexy as this thumbnail from the Jaman trailer.

Cinequest 2007

Who is the bald, dark stranger there? Maverick is the name.

The new Cinequest promises an online presence as big as what is onscreen. The festival has nearly tripled its film distribution. Cinequest's website (, which has hosted a half-million visitors, includes newly ramped-up video on demand so that far-flung fans can watch some of the festival's offerings.

Cinequest now offers indie films exclusive to the festival such as pay-per-view or free downloads; the latter will include films contending for the fest's "Viewer's Voice" pick, with voting a la American Idol. "We're trying to do something revolutionary here," says Cinequest's Jen Hussey; the festival will try to draw tens of thousands of guests while allowing hardworking independent filmmakers a chance to get their films to as many pairs of eyes as possible.

One new aspect of Cinequest is addressing the increasing popularity of the Internet, especially YouTube and its rivals, as a launching pad for short films. Cinequest will offer a smaller selection of short films this year but with more frequent screenings, in an attempt to provide shorts with the same kind of exposure given to feature films.

Movie Times Cinequest runs Feb. 28-March 11 in downtown San Jose. For details, check Metro or visit Full Disclosure: Metro is a sponsor of the festival.

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